Counselling in Waltham St Lawrence near Twyford, Wokingham and Reading

What to expect

I understand that counselling and psychotherapy may be new and sometimes questions may seem strange. I won't be giving you advice or telling you what to do and I won't be promising a quick fix. I'm interested in you, your life and what you want, what you feel works for you and what doesn't. I want to find out as much about you as I can and then together we can decide on your needs and how best to proceed together for you. In our relationship your needs are always the focus.

Counselling and psychotherapy are;

  • A space where you are safe and accepted
  • Working together to resolve issues
  • Support to enable you to make decisions/ changes in your life
  • A relationship in which your needs come first
  • An opportunity to talk in confidence to someone who is independent and will not judge you
  • A weekly meeting, usually at the same time and on the same day

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy;

  • Counselling tends to focus on a particular issue and tends to be for a shorter period of time e.g. 6-12 weeks
  • Psychotherapy enables us to consider how we have become who we are today by exploring our past experiences and through the relationship between client and therapist we are able to understand and come to terms with these experiences, enabling us to move forward to make more informed and positive choices in our lives.

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