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Sue has been a wonderful person to work with due to her kind and compassionate manner. She has helped me enormously in how to manage and understand myself better. I would highly recommend her sessions.

November 2019

I had realised that my life revolved around pleasing others. Being a people pleaser means you lose your own voice and my experience with Sue has started to help me identify the impact this has on my life. People are fickle and so trying to please them and make everything OK is exhausting. Sue gave me the space to work things out for myself and I realised that over the years my critical voice was very loud, and I was acutely aware of looking for where I had failed and where I had not done ‘enough’ or ‘my best’. Being able to explore this in a safe space helped me to understand the impact and think about where this voice came from.
My work with Sue has given me a tool kit that enables me to do something when I feel overwhelmed, it empowers me to access self-care and has helped to develop my inner ‘counsellor’ voice. This means I can acknowledge how I feel, step back, forgive myself, and think about why I am behaving or relating in that way, which in turns gives me choices to act differently. This leaves me feeling far more prepared and stronger to face what life has in store for me next.

March 2019

"Following the sudden and unexpected death of my best friend/soul mate, I became increasingly overwhelmed with grief, to the point that, after two months it had become an all-consuming, huge problem for me. I had little previous experience or appreciation of the dramatic effects grief can have on your mental health and I was in a very bad place with it. I knew I needed professional help as it was spiralling out of control quickly. I found Sue Jennings on a local online counselling directory and made the first leap in helping myself with a call. From the first few meetings, she made a huge difference to my state of mind. I had a safe environment to talk through and deconstruct the incredibly overwhelming feelings I was experiencing, with no prejudices towards the circumstances of my friend's death. I felt very at ease when in Sue's company and I hugely appreciated the support and understanding she provided. She always moved the course of the conversations in such a way to reduce the pressure, providing me with the opportunity to not feel like I had to deal with the main subject matter if I didn't want to, but equally I knew I could deal with it head on if I felt like it was appropriate.
The important part of the therapy sessions was building a relationship between us and overtime Sue showed me how to deal with the different stages of grief and the guilt I found, surrounding the loss. I learnt how to process it and manage it, and eventually reconcile it. She provided me with the tools to lift myself up and deal with day to day life, without the hugely important person in my life any more.
Sue then extended the therapy to other areas of my life and helped me massively with social anxiety, a lack of confidence and belief in myself. Feelings of subordination and awkwardness, and how I present myself to others. Parenting and finding my place in the business world were also covered.
Through transactional analysis, Sue taught me how to view others in situations and interpret how they are dealing with the encounter, as much as I am. This I found to be invaluable and to be a fantastic life skill. It ables me to calmly deal with confrontation and watch other peoples ego states alter as they deal with interactions. Issues around the break up of my family, difficult family members and long seated childhood memories have been worked through. Meeting Sue each week would often leave me driving away feeling like I had a huge advantage over my fellow humans. I was getting a cheat book of skills to use in everyday life that other people weren't getting.
I genuinely wonder at what life would have been like if I hadn't started counselling with Sue Jennings. I'm very grateful to have had had the help and support I initially needed to deal with the very dark place grief sent me, but also the life-changing difference she has made to me. I will forever be grateful for Sue's help. I would always recommend Sue to anyone with similar issues in life to me and strongly feel that everyone,
would benefit hugely from therapy. I actively promote and encourage help with mental health now, as a result of seeing the difference it can make. If you are reading this, you possibly feel like you may need a little help tackling your unique situation in life and I would urge you to seek assistance, especially from Sue, as it will transform your life for the better."

March 2019

Sue has helped me over the last year and I can’t thank her enough. I came to her with my mind in such a muddle and with a lot of problems I could not see my way out of. Through careful, kind and considerate counselling she allowed me the time, guidance and space to work through my issues and find my way to where I needed to go. She also helped me see how I got into the place I found myself in. There were a lot of bumps along the way and Sue helped guide me through. I am now in a much better place and I feel able to continue my journey with the tools to navigate. I am a much more confident person than before and better equipped to deal with the future challenges I might face. I can’t recommend Sue highly enough, she really has given me not only short term help but the skills to carry forward in my everyday life.”

November 2018

Earlier this year I knew I wasn't handling life in the same way as I had done, and I started seeing Sue after finding her on the internet. I had never been to a counsellor before and didn't know what to expect, however, i was absolutely certain that I couldn't learn anything about myself that I didn't already know.
10 months later and I have been on a hugely beneficial journey. It took a while for a barrier I didn't even know existed to break down so that I could work through how to take care of my mental health properly and Sue guided me on this journey every step of the way, in a peaceful and private location. Her approach is unassuming and soft but the impact is huge. I feel like she was leading the way for me to start with and from there, over time and with a few bumps, I have been able to take hold of things and address things I needed to, resulting in my needing her guidance less and less. Furthermore, the TA approach has been one that helps me to understand myself better. I don't have lots of money to spend and to start with, each time I went to a session I'd go thinking, "I can't afford to do this". And every time I left I'd think, "I absolutely can't afford not to do this". Sue has helped me put my mental health first and it has been the most important thing I have ever done.

October 2013

"I decided to visit Sue as I was struggling with anxiety and I was also finding it difficult to adjust and accept the prospect of new beginnings and changes that were about to occur in my life. After a few sessions I can genuinely say that an epiphany or 'ah-ha' moment occurred that enabled me to see my life, actions and thoughts from a new perspective.
I visited Sue for a total of 8 sessions, during this time she was incredibly professional and very easy to talk to. I fully anticipate that I will continue to utilise her resources when needed in the future".

April 2016

When I first contacted Sue, I was going through a difficult time in my life, with relationship difficulties, as well as a need to get to know who I really was. During my time with Sue, I discovered that in fact, I needed far more help than I had previously known. I needed to understand who I was again; to free myself of years of self doubt, personal negligence and insecurity. I can be sure that without Sue I would have found it almost impossible to get through the difficult times. I regained a new level of consciousness and began to enjoy experiencing life in the present.
Sue has an incredibly unique method of counselling which was extremely effective in providing me with the tools to cope with the challenges life brings. She is a brilliant and highly professional counsellor, patient and understanding. I went through so many positive stages of self discovery, to get to know who I am, to gain self confidence, and to learn to take care of myself.
The entire process was highly enlightening and I am an entirely evolved individual. Happy, content and confident. I came out of my shell and now love who I am. My time with Sue allowed me to achieve far more than I had ever expected.
As I now say to friends and family, I truly recommend Sue's services. It is unique. Where you might feel there is no hope, you will discover the means to take control of your life. At least that is what happened to me. I can't recommend Sue highly enough; I would encourage you, if you need help or are going through a difficult stage to reach out to Sue.

March 2017

Sue has been a great help to me, not only with counselling through my issues (drugs and drink) but also helping me to realise the triggers and how to prevent them. Sue asks the right questions and has help me to train my brain which has now left me with a state of mind that now allows me to manage my issues effectively. The sessions I had also taught me that I don't know myself as well as I did and because of Sue's interaction I am now a more balanced person and I look at life with a different and positive perspective. I highly recommend Sue and I am extemely grateful for all her help.

December 2017

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